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Car Bulb Buyers Guide + Video

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Our in-store experts can fit your lights and have you back on the road in no time.

Car Bulbs Explained

There are loads of different types of bulb - headlamp bulbs, brake bulbs and side light bulbs to name a few, which are all available with different features. Read on to find out more about the different bulbs available, and how you can find the right bulb for your car.

What car bulb do I need for my car?

There are three main ways to make sure you get exactly the right type of bulb for your car:

  • Use our easy online car bulb lookup tool - just enter your registration number into the box on the left-hand side of the page (or pick your car make and model), then select the bulb type you're looking for - you can then pick out the right bulb for your car from the search results
  • Take a look at your car's vehicle handbook, which lists the bulb types you need
  • Remove the bulb and take a look at its casing - the number/letters printed here designate the fitting/bulb type, so you can take this info in to store to ask for a matching replacement bulb

Types of Car Bulb

All bulbs aren't created equal though! Once you've worked out which bulbs are compatible with your car, there are loads of different features you can look out for. You're spoilt for choice if you fancy upgrading your car's bulbs - here are a few of the types available:

Standard Bulbs

These are easy to fit, don't need any wiring changes, and are made to vehicle manufacturers' original equipment standards.

Heavy Duty Bulbs

As well as offering twice the life of a standard bulb, these are specially reinforced, making them ideal for those who travel long distances or over poorly maintained stretches of road.

Brighter Bulbs

Using xenon-gas technology, we have a range of bulbs that are 50%, 90%, 120%, and 130% brighter than standard headlight bulbs. These put out a clean, white light that illuminates road signs and markings more, as well as enabling you to see potential hazards much earlier.

All Weather Bulbs

These reduce glare, giving you a much clearer view of the road ahead when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

HID Style Bulbs

These put out a brighter, whiter light that's closer to daylight, as well as providing up to 30% more light on the road.

Quick response bulbs

These offer 15-20% greater luminance than standard bulbs, and when used as rear lights their quick response can help to reduce your chances of a rear-end collision.

Blue Bulbs

These are great for customising your car's style - double check to see whether they're legal for on-road use first though.

Spare Bulb Kits

Some countries require you to always carry spare bulbs in your car, so these kits will help ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

Not the DIY type?

Whichever bulbs you choose, fear not - we can fit your headlight bulbs for you for £8/€9, and other bulbs for just £5/€5, subject to vehicle inspection. We can also check your bulbs for free and give you help if you need any - just pop into your local Halfords and ask!

Bulb fitting is only available on selected vehicles - please get in touch with your local store for more information.

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