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Brake & Clutch Fluid at Halfords

Brake fluid is essential for cars, vans, motorcycles and even some bicycles with hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic fluid works by transferring force into pressure so that braking force is taken to the max.

We've got a huge selection of brake fluid, including DOT 4 and DOT 5.1, and Brands including Mobil. Suitable for a variety of different cars, you can rest assured that we will have something suitable for you.

Brake fluid can also be used as clutch fluid, which you'll need if your car is manual. This helps to keep your clutch moving as it should, which is essential so you can enjoy a smooth car journey.

Before you buy brake fluid, make sure you know which particular one you need. Any problems, and pop down to your local Halfords store to speak with one of our experts, who are happy to help.