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Breathalysers at Halfords

We all understand the implications of driving under the influence of alcohol and if you're found to be over the limit whilst driving you run the risk of prosecution and losing your license.

After a heavy night, you may still be over the limit in the morning and alcohol affects people differently so you can't be too careful. So keep a breathalyser handy as it takes away the guesswork and gives you peace of mind.

In France, you're required to carry a breathalyser in your vehicle so if you are planning a trip, make sure you pick one up beforehand. But be aware that not all breathalysers are 'NF' approved, meaning they are not suitable for taking abroad.

Breathalysers are a reliable way to stay safe and at Halfords we stock Alcosense breathalysers which are NF approved. Find out more at Halfords.com or pop down to your nearby Halfords store where we're on hand to help.