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Ice-Scrapers, Demisters & Squeegees at Halfords

As winter approaches, so do frosty mornings and memories of sitting in your car with the heating on full-whack to defrost your windows. As you watch the time tick by, you're wishing you'd been prepared with an ice scraper.

No-one wants to be driving around without being able to see clearly out of their windows, but you could actually be breaking the law if you do, so it's important to be prepared for those cold winter mornings.

Don't let the weather catch you out this time; pop down to Halfords for your ice scrapers and demisters. And for your year-round clean car cleaning, make sure you're not without squeegees to keep your windows clear.

If you're not sure which ice scrapers & squeegees or demisters to buy, have a mooch around our site and being the caring guys we are, we'll deliver to your home for free if you spend over 30 so you don't even need to go out in the cold!