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Car Tape, Glue & Velcro at Halfords

We're all familiar with using tape, glue and Velcro in the home, whether it's for arts and crafts, minor repairs, wrapping presents or even sewing! But if we use them at home, then why not on our cars?

In fact, some clever bods thought just that and came up with extra strong car tape, liquid adhesives / glue and Velcro that you can use on your car (and for jobs in your home too).

If you'd rather not fuss around with screws and bolts, Halfords are on hand with a great range of car tape, glue and Velcro, specially designed for heavy duty items and using outdoors. Whether you're sticking together pipes, plastic or metal, there's something suitable for you.

Have a mooch around our site and don't forget you can get your goodies via Click and Collect. Just order online and collect in store. Simple as that!