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Check and Top Up your Oil Level Guide + Video

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Take the hassle out of oil changes with Halfords oil check and top up service.

How To Check And Top Up Your Oil Level

Keeping your engine oil level topped means it will last longer and run better, so it's good to check it out at least once a week. Follow these tips for a thorough check-up.

Items needed:

  • A Clean Rag
  • Bottle of Motor Oil (use our lookup tool to find the right oil for your vehicle)
  • A funnel
  1. Switch off your engine
  2. Your car should be parked on level ground. Turn the engine off and wait five minutes before you begin.

  3. Locate the dipstick
  4. Open your bonnet and look for the dipstick - this should be brightly coloured and easy to find. When you spot it, pull it out of its tube.

  5. Clean the dipstick
  6. Use your cloth to wipe the oil off the dipstick. Make sure you keep an eye out for the oil level marks of the end of it.

  7. Check the oil level
  8. Check your motor oil level by slowly pushing the dipstick into its tube, then pulling it out again. It should be between the upper and lower marks - if it is closer to the lower one, it's time to fill up!

  9. Top up the oil
  10. If you need to add more oil, put the dipstick back into its tube and remove the oil filler cap - check your car handbook (or Haynes Manual) if you're not sure which one it is. Pour some oil in (using a funnel if you need) and give it time to drain into the engine, then re-check the level. Overfilling it can cause leaks, so take your time.

Oil check and top up at Halfords

If you buy your oil from us, we'll check your oil levels and top up your oil for just £2/€2. Head to our article or your local store for more information.

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