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Cycle Clothing at Halfords

Cycle in style, cycle safe, and cycle comfortably! That's easy to accomplish with the right cycle gear and it definitely makes a difference to how you feel after a few hours of cycling or after biking over a very bumpy road.

Warm or cold, windy or rainy, there is a garment that will match your needs. Browse through the brilliant range of cycle clothing and have a look at the jackets, gilets, trousers, shorts and jerseys.

The cycling clothing range brings you lots of hip and stylish options, so that you can mix and match, just like you would do with your regular clothes. However, these garments really take care of you and they are padded in all the right places to help you ride in comfort.

Once you've chosen your favourite pieces, you can order for delivery to your home or workplace or click and collect at your local Halfords store.