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    Hybrid Bikes at Halfords

    Variety is the spice of life, and we think that experiencing all that cycling has to offer is a marvellous idea. If you don't want to choose between road and trail, then a Hybrid Bike will be ideal for you!

    Perfect for commuters, leisure riders and beginners, a Carrera Hybrid bike allows you to sit on the fence and get the most out of cycling.

    Hybrid bikes are the perfect mix of Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes as they allow you to tackle all kinds of terrain. Commuting to work in the urban jungle and then trying out some light trails on the weekend is what this type of bike was built to do.

    Pop into your local Halfords store and our staff will help you choose the right bike and frame for you, and they'll even build it for free! Or if you?re looking for other bikes perfect for the daily commute, check out our range of electric bicycles and folding bikes.