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Halfords Car Bulb Fitting Service

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Our in-store experts can fit your lights and have you back on the road in no time.

Halfords Car Bulb Fitting Service

Whether you're setting off to work on a crisp morning or returning home on a dark and dreary night, it's vital to ensure that your car's headlights are in top working order. They're imperative for keeping all drivers safe on the road and a requirement to pass your MOT.

Our Bulb Fitting Service

If you discover a faulty car light or one not working as it should be, we offer an in-store bulb fitting service. Our experts will identify the bulb you need and fit it within minutes, getting you back on the road in no time at all!

We offer ultra-competitive rates which are much more affordable than dealerships: from 8/€9 we can fit individual headlight bulbs, and from 5/€6 install indicator, tail and brake lights.

There's no need to book. Simply pop into your local Halfords and we'll do the rest!

Bulb fitting is only available on select vehicles - please get in touch with your local Halfords for more information.

Please be aware that all fittings are subject to pre-inspection in-store.

Types of Car Bulbs at Halfords

Our extensive headlight range covers 98% of all vehicles, so we'll absolutely be able to help. To see what's available for you, simply head to our car bulbs page and enter your vehicle registration number.

In addition, we stock a range of specialised bulbs to meet every driver's requirements:


Using xenon-gas, these bulbs shine 50%, 90%, 120%, and 130% more brightly than standard headlight bulbs. They emit a clean white light that provides greater illumination of road signs and markings and significantly increases the visibility of any potential hazard.

Long-life bulbs

These bulbs (as the name suggests!) enjoy a much longer life than standard car bulbs. They can last up to two or three times longer.

All weather bulbs

These bulbs minimise glare, which gives you a clearer view of the road in difficult conditions.

Heavy duty bulbs

As well as offering twice the life of a standard bulb, these bulbs feature reinforced materials, which maximises durability and makes them especially suited to long distances or poorly maintained terrain.

HID Style

HID style bulbs emit a bright white light akin to natural daylight, which produces up to 30% more light on the road.

Our catalogue features many other types of bulbs, from indicator and brake lights to fog and interior lights. Why not take a look for yourself on our bulbs page?

What Else Do You Offer?

If you're in store, why not take advantage of our free car health check? As well as ensuring your bulbs are in the best condition possible, we'll also ensure your car battery and wiper blades are functioning as they should be and check oil and fluid levels throughout your vehicle. Should you need anything else fitting, just ask!

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