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Bikes at Halfords

Halfords is the UK's number 1 cycle retailer and we offer a wide choice of bikes suitable for everyone: women, men, children and even smaller children.

We have a huge collection of all types of bicycles, from Carrera Road Bikes to Mountain Bikes, Hybrid to Women's Pendleton Bike. We even have Scooters! It doesn't matter what your needs you are sure to find something suitable at Halfords.

At Halfords we're passionate about bikes, but what's most important to us is your safety. Our professional store staff will build most bikes for Free, which includes a 22 point safety check to make sure your bike is in tip top condition.

If you want some exciting gift ideas for your little one, take a look at our selection of girls and boys kids' bikes. We've also got a fantastic range of balance bikes for younger ones.