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Raleigh Bikes are part of British cycling heritage, and their expertise in making top-quality bikes is unrivalled.

With over a century's worth of experience, Raleigh Bikes feature superior spec, while still offering excellent value for money.

The brand has enjoyed enormous success over the 120 years, creating unforgettable models like the Raleigh Chopper.

Explore the collection of Raleigh Bikes from mountain bikes to Raleigh Folding Bikes, for both adults and kids.

Raleigh Bikes: Electric

Raleigh Bikes: Electric

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular as technology advances, and the Raleigh Electric Bike is no exception to the rule.

With power-assisted pedalling, you can tackle those hills and cycle for longer without slowing down, as Raleigh E-Bikes allow you to both pedal and take a rest when the power-assisted cycling kicks in!

The ideal bike for commuting, Raleigh Electric Bikes mean you can feel safer and less sweaty on the roads!

If you want to increase your output, then adjust the power-assisted pedalling until you find the perfect balance for your day's ride.

Taking the Raleigh Felix+ as an example, these Raleigh E-Bikes are the perfect bike to get you from A to B.

Find out more about the Raleigh E-Bikes here at Halfords.

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Raleigh Bikes: Hybrid

Raleigh Bikes: Hybrid

At Halfords, we have a great range of Raleigh Hybrid Bikes - perfect for commuting or your weekend adventures.

As a hybrid, these Raleigh Hybrid Bikes have a plethora of valuable features which makes them extremely versatile.

If you are looking to speed around the city on your daily commute or cycle down to your local park on a beautiful Summer’s day - our Raleigh Hybrid Bikes are a lightweight option for the perfect ride to and from the office.

Whether you’re pedalling up the trails on the weekend or pounding the pavements on your way to work, Raleigh has blended comfort with design to achieve the perfect balanced bike for all ventures.

Our range of Raleigh Hybrid Bikes are not just about function - we have a collection of stylish designs so you can keep looking cool on your commute.

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Raleigh Bikes: Ladies

Raleigh Bikes: Ladies

For unbeatable prices on Raleigh Ladies Bikes, look no further than Halfords.

Our range of Raleigh Ladies Bikes have been designed to give optimal comfort and performance for women.

Whether you're cycling off the beaten track or hitting the tarmac, all of our Raleigh Ladies Bikes are designed for power and durability.

If you’re serious about your style - check out our Raleigh Bike’s with Vintage style designs and more here at Halfords.

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Raleigh Bikes: Kids

Raleigh Bikes: Kids

Are your little ones ready for an adventure?

Check out our fabulous range of Raleigh Kids Bikes to help them stay safe and build confidence.

Whatever their age we have the perfect Raleigh Children’s Bikes for your family, including our balance bikes for tiny beginners.

Raleigh has specialised in kids bikes for many years and effortlessly combine safety features with a bright selection of styles and colours, to ensure your kids will cycle with confidence.

Need some help finding the right size for your Raleigh Kids’ Bike? Check out our buyers guide now.

Get ready for your cycling adventure and explore our full range of Raleigh Kids Bikes to get all the family out in the great outdoors.

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