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Head Gasket & Exhaust Repairs at Halfords

You may have heard of a head gasket, but do you know what it does? In layman's terms, your head gasket prevents seepage of oil, coolant and combustion gasses, and if it 'blows' this can really damage your engine (and cost you a lot) unless you get it sorted straight away.

Having a damaged exhaust can be noisy and embarrassing as your car's suddenly the focus of attention but for all the wrong reasons! So you'll want to get it repaired pretty quickly!

But don't worry; here at Halfords we have a wide selection of a head gasket maker / sealant and exhaust repair kits so you sort it out quickly to save you any more expense (or embarrassment!).

It's important you don't delay when it comes to repairs to your car, so have a look at Halfords.com or pop down to your nearby store where our clever chaps are ready and waiting to help.