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Halfords Autocentre Burton 5 Wetmore Road Burton , DE14 1SN

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Monday: 08:00 - 18:00
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Halfords rock

All staff positive and helpful and kept to time on my car always go to these guys because the service is top knotch

Great service.

Great service.

‘Free’ Steering Check?

Having encountered problems with the power steering, I took advantage of a Halfords ‘FREE’ Steering and Suspension check on my old Volvo V50. I returned to collect the car and I was told that the fluid level was fine but the electrical part of the system was failing which is a common issue with this model and needed a Volvo Dealership intervention to repair the problem. I looked online and searched the symptoms - they all pointed to low fluid level. After identifying the fluid reservoir I added some Power Steering Fluid - it took a full bottle……! I’ve since used the car for a full day delivering parcels and can report that the problems have not only ceased but the steering and general ride quality is better than I ever remember it….? (I’d have been happy to pay for the top-up) 30/12/21 I have now received a reply to this review from someone called Liz (no title and no reply address) at Halfords Autocentres who is ‘really sorry to hear this’ - suggesting that if ‘I’ want to discuss it further ‘I’ can contact Halfords Customer Service Team. I’m grateful for the acknowledgement but shouldn’t Halfords be contacting me to discuss the matter further with some reassuring words as regards my future custom? Or maybe not?….