Continental WinterContact TS860 (195/50 R15 82H) 72EB 4206330

Continental WinterContact TS860 (195/50 R15 82H) 72EB
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Continental WinterContact TS860 (195/50 R15 82H) 72EB 4206330

£136.99 each
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Maximum safety in any wintry weather condition for compact and mid-size vehicles.

Only £130.14 with Motoring Club premium
EU ratings E
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EU ratings B (72dB)

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Cool Chili ensures maximum braking performance in any wintry weather condition. 
The Maximum Traction Silica Compound ensures excellent wet grip and therefore improves braking performance significantly. Additionally the WinterContact TS 860 stays flexible at any winter weather and transfers the braking forces safely onto wet, icy and snow-covered roads.

Liquid Layer Drainage reduces the braking distance on frost-covered and icy roads. 
This new sipe channel system helps to constantly dewater the tyres' contact surface for an improved braking performance on icy and frost-covered roads. This special drainage eliminates the danger of deteriorated braking performance caused by melting water, which supports faster braking.

Snow Curve+ technology for safe cornering on snow-covered roads. 
The new WinterContact TS 860 strengthens the interlocking of the tyre with snow-covered roads via the new Snow Curve+ technology. By compressing the snow at more than 1000 spots all over the profile, it provides a better overall grip, especially while cornering.