Castrol serves drivers and motorcyclists with high performance oils, lubricants, fluids and greases for every application you can imagine.

Castrol Oils are everything the world needs to run smoothly; as well as lubricating cars and motorcycles, Castrol products are used on the escalators at your local shopping centre, the lift in your office and even the production lines that make products for your home.

More than 120 years since its founding, Castrol continue to deliver innovative products to meet customers’ needs with a sense of true purpose.

By understanding the challenges customers face on a daily basis, Castrol Oils and lubricants are created to provide better solutions for users.

This pioneering approach drives sustainability within all of the Castrol products, as well as transitioning to a lower-carbon world.

Castrol work to ensure their products help reduce your car’s emissions and improve the efficiency of hybrid and electric vehicles through fast-developing technology.

With the world always changing and adapting, the products you use within your car need to change too - that’s why Castrol strive to be the liquid engineering and technology partners for today’s reality.

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Castrol EDGE

Castrol EDGE

Castrol EDGE is the most advanced line of engine oils, designed to give your car or motorcycle the ultimate performance when you need it most.

Today's vehicles possess cutting-edge technology, therefore whatever you're putting in your car needs to be of the same quality.

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Castrol Engine Oil - 0W30

The Castrol 0W30 EDGE Engine Oil with Titanium is available in both a 1 litre bottle and 4 litre bottle.

This incredible Castrol Engine Oil features the latest specifications for modern engines, assisting in providing better engine performance.

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Castrol EDGE Engine Oil - 5W30

The Castrol Engine Oil 5W30 is available in both a 1 litre bottle and 4 litre bottle.

Featuring the latest technology, this Castrol Motor Oil has been specifically designed to reduce your engine's wear, as well as helping to reduce the cost you spend on your vehicle, thanks to the reduced service intervals provided by the engine oil.

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The Castrol MAGNATEC range is designed to offer drivers instant protection to their engines, dramatically reducing engine wear.

One of Castrol’s leading engine oil brands, Castrol MAGNATEC, has been protecting vehicle engines for over 20 years, looking after your engine from the moment you turn on your vehicle.

Castrol MAGNATEC includes intelligent molecules which cling to the critical engine parts of your car, dramatically reducing engine wear.

When you turn off your engine and the oil drains back into the sump, Castrol MAGNATEC’s intelligent molecules stay put; they continue to cling to engine parts like magnets, always providing that extra layer of protection for your vehicle.

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Castrol MAGNATEC - 5W30 C3 Oil

The Castrol Engine Oil MAGNATEC 5W30 C3 is available in both a 4 litre bottle and a 1 litre bottle.

This Castrol 5W30 oil allows you to use less fuel when compared to other oils, allowing you to drive up to 370 miles more a year.

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Castrol MAGNATEC - 10W40 Oil

The Castrol Engine Oil 10W40 is available in both a 4 litre bottle and a 1 litre bottle for your vehicle.

Every time you start your car, it can take regular oils up to 10 minutes to work effectively; the Castrol Engine Oil 10W40 works straight away.

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