Experience a new way to cycle with LIVALL Helmets, the world's first Smart Helmet.

Inspired by real-life bike accidents and founded by enthusiastic cyclists, LIVALL have created a ground-breaking product that enhances the safety and riding experience of all its users since it's founding in 2014.

LIVALL Helmets and products are created with a clear vision and desire to help cyclists ride safer and smarter using innovative and practical technologies.

Based in Shenzhen, China, the hardware capital of the world, LIVALL is now quickly expanding and exports products to over 60 countries in the world.

LIVALL have won over 30 awards worldwide for their stylish and tech-brimming designs, including the Eurobike Winner Award 2017, ISPO Product of the Year and the Innovation Award of CES 2018.

LIVALL’s experienced engineers focus on integrating new technologies within their smart helmets, including Smart LED lighting, turn signals, GPS location, Bluetooth connections and more.

All of the Smart Functions featured on LIVALL Helmets are hands-free to ensure riders safety.

Discover more about the range of LIVALL Helmets and technology available at Halfords below.

LIVALL BH60SE Bluetooth Enabled Smart Helmet

LIVALL BH60SE Bluetooth Enabled Smart Helmet

Designed for cycle enthusiast, the LIVALL BH60SE Helmet is an intelligent cycling helmet which features wireless technology.

The wireless technology packed into the LIVALL BH60SE allows you to connect your smartphone to your LIVALL Helmet, with the two built-in speakers and hands-free microphone allowing you to listen to music on the go and answer phone calls whilst you’re cycling.

This LIVALL Bike Helmet features LED indicator lights which sit flush against the helmet, with an SOS alert safety sensor which is activated automatically in the event of an accident, bringing peace of mind to your friends and family if you’re out on your own.

The LIVALL BH60SE also features a remote control which easily attaches to your handlebars, allowing you easy control over your music and telephone calls.

Designed for all cyclist types in mind, from everyday commuters to leisure cyclists, road racers and mountain bikers, the LIVALL BH60SE helps you to enjoy a safer and more connected ride.

The LIVAL BH60SE features up to 10 hours of battery life once charged, and features a free LIVALL App for smartphones, allowing you to track your journeys and share them.

Discover more about the LIVAL BH60SE Bluetooth Enabled Smart Helmet here.

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LIVALL BH51M Urban Bluetooth Enabled Helmet

LIVALL BH51M Urban Bluetooth Enabled Helmet

The LIVALL BH51M Urban Bluetooth Enabled Smart Cycling Helmet is designed with the safety-conscious cyclist in mind.

As well as featuring two built-in quality Bluetooth speakers and hands-free microphone, this LIVALL BH51M Helmet features automatic on and off LED safety lights.

These LED safety lights give riders 270-degree visibility in low light and dark conditions, creating stunning linear patterns when you use to indicate direction to another rider, which is controlled via the remote control.

In the event of an accident an automated SOS alert will be activated, keeping your safety at the heart of your riding.

The LIVALL BH51M Helmet also features an adjustable fit system and 12 vent design; this provides comfort for all riders, with the front vent stopping bugs getting into your hair, as well as keeping you cool.

Track your rides with the LIVALL App and keep your safety a priority with the LIVALL Cycling Helmet.

Find out more about the LVIALL BH51M Bluetooth Enabled Smart Cycling Helmet at Halfords.

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LIVALL MTL Bluetooth Enabled Smart Helmet

LIVALL MTL Bluetooth Enabled Smart Helmet

Exclusive to Halfords, this LIVALL MTL Smart Helmet brings revolutionary features to encourage smart and safer cycling.

This LIVALL MTL Smart Helmet increases cyclists traffic awareness in darker conditions, with innovative LED indicator turn signal lighting, and an intelligent SOS alert system.

The SOS alert feature gives yourself and family and friends peace of mind when you’re out cycling on your own; the sensor on your helmet senses unusual gravity acceleration or immediate and sudden lack of movement, notifying your emergency contacts right away.

The GPS feature within the helmet allows the technology to locate you and send your location to those you’ve identified as emergency contacts, in order for them to reach you with ease should they need to.

The indicator lights featured on the helmet are controlled using the wireless remote control, which can be secured to your handlebars.

If you’re looking for a helmet that puts safety and sight first, discover more about the LIVALL MTL Smart Helmet online here at Halfords, exclusively.

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