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Saris Bike Racks are built by cyclists, for cyclists.

Based in Wisconsin in the United States, Saris' mission is to create the world's best bike racks.

All Saris Bike Racks are intuitive to use, making loading and securing your bike simple, with a guarantee that it will last for life.

Saris aim to locate all of their vendors close to their manufacturing factory in Wisconsin; 92% of all venders are located within 120 miles of the facility; from steel suppliers to painters and tool manufacturers, everything is American-made.

This localised aspect of Saris Bike Carriers allows the business to have a tighter grip on quality and create jobs to help boost the local economy.

Saris Bike Racks are based around design transparency; every design is aimed to be understood by consumers, so you are able to immediately see how the Saris Bike Carrier works.

With revolutionary thinking at the forefront of the brands mission, Saris aim to make the user experience better by employing innovative, easy-to-use technology to ensure that every time a Saris Bike Rack is used, it brings simplistic joy to the rider.

Saris carry out all stages of the design, build and testing process, so there is a localised and handmade feel to every single Saris Bike Carrier produced, creating the world’s best bike racks.

Find out more about these extraordinary Saris Bike Racks and Carriers below.

Saris Bike Rack: Bones

Saris Bike Rack: Bones

The Saris Bones Bike Carrier are some of Saris' most popular bike carriers.

There are two variations of the Bones Bike Carrier - the Bones Black 2 and the Bones Black 3.

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Saris Bones Black 2 Bike Carrier

This super-tough Saris Bike Rack makes it safe and easy to take your bikes on any journey.

This Saris Bike Rack 2 is able to fit two bikes at a time, with built-in ratchet straps to keep your bikes strapped in whilst you're on the move, allowing you to explore trails with a friend or partner.

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Saris Bones 3 Black Bike Carrier

Explore your local trails with the Saris Bones Black 3, allowing you to securely carry up to three bikes on your vehicle with ease.

The super-tough engineered resin construction with rubber feet keeps your bike protected from scratches whilst you're driving to your next cycling destination.

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The Saris Bike Rack: Solo

The Saris Bike Rack: Solo

The Saris Bike Rack Solo is the first and only 1-bike boot rack.

If you’re riding solo or you’re meeting friends at the trail, this Saris Bike Carrier is a convenient solution to getting your bike to where you’re going.

The Saris Bike Rack Solo is a compact size, so you can remove it from your car if needed and store anywhere.

With reliable straps and hold-downs, this bike carrier is designed to keep both the bike and the rack right where you want them, ensuring your bike does not fall whilst you’re in transit, or scratch your car.

Find out more about the Saris Bike Rack Solo here.

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Saris Accessories

Saris Accessories

As well as world-leading bike racks, Saris also produce a range of accessories to assist you in transporting your bike(s) around the country.

There are two variations of the Bones Bike Carrier - the Bones Black 2 and the Bones Black 3.

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Saris Hatch Huggers

The Saris Hatch Huggers can be used to replace regular bike rack straps for vehicles which cannot use hooked straps.

We recommend you find out which hooks you'll need before ordering you Saris Bike Rack, so you know whether you'll need the Saris Hatch Huggers or not.

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