ContiVanContact 100
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ContiVanContact 100 contivancontact100

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  • For transporters and vans
  • High level of efficiency
  • Engineered in Germany

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The ContiVanContact 100 is a premium long-life van tyre designed to produce high levels of efficiency, safety and stability. The part-silica compound prolongs the life of the tyre, and its flat contour ensures a larger contact area with the ground, producing a higher wear volume. A great choice for high mileage drivers, the ContiVanContact 100 features a durable tread design and stone ejectors which prevent stones from getting stuck in the tyre grooves, as well as a robust 3D scuff rib on the sidewall, to protect against curb abrasion. Thanks to its tough construction and reinforced sidewalls, this tyre offers a particularly high load-carrying capability.

ContiVanContact 100 extra information

  • Premium long-life van tyre
  • Durable tread pattern
  • High safety reserves for heavy loads
  • Great for long distance drivers

Why choose Continental?

Developed in Germany, tested by experts and approved by vehicle manufacturers, Continental is a safe choice for your car, van, SUV or 4x4. Continental's award-winning tyres come fitted to one in three new cars built in Europe, and go through years of development and thousands of miles of testing before release. Tested in Continental's world-leading braking test facility, each German-engineered tyre is guaranteed to perform in the toughest conditions.