Eagle NCT5
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Eagle NCT5 eaglenct5

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Price includes fitting
  • Grand touring summer tyre.
  • Superior grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Long mileage and fuel economy.

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The Goodyear Eagle NCT5 is described as a “grand touring summer tyre”, popular because of the high-quality driving experience it delivers in most weather conditions. However, the tyres aren’t at their best when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius.

Constructed using a hard silica-based tread compound, Goodyear’s Eagle NCT5 is the perfect tyre for general motorists who spend a lot of time on motorways and wish to combine a safe, comfortable ride with long mileage and good fuel economy.

The asymmetrical tread pattern of Goodyear Eagle NCT5 tyres features radial shoulder blades that maximise grip on dry surfaces. They also contribute to enhanced lateral stability, even while cornering at high speeds.

The central tread area is equipped with extra-large central grooves and diagonal blades for wet conditions, enhancing traction and stability. What’s more, they efficiently deflect water from the tread area for high resistance to aquaplaning.

Goodyear’s silica-based tread compound also lowers rolling resistance. Along with lateral groove humps in the tread, this helps to enhance your fuel efficiency.