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Victoria Pendleton Classic Bikes: Exclusively at Halfords

Created in collaboration with Victoria Pendleton, our range of classic bikes are overflowing with style and sophistication. Exclusive to Halfords, these bikes are made for people who are looking for a beautiful bike that will be a joy to ride!

Thought about a Pendleton electric bike?

If you want a bike that will give you that extra push, a Pendleton e-bike might be the best option for you! With Pendleton's signature classic style, you'll be racing along those streets with speed and sass!

Thought about an e-bike?

Somerby electric bike

The Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike makes cycling a breeze. Whether you're after a bike that makes hills feel flatter or if you want to get up some extra speed, this bike makes cycling as accessible and enjoyable as possible. With all the style of the Pendleton Somerby with added, electrically powered, pedal assistance. The 317Wh battery typically delivers around 40 - 50 miles of range using the rear hub motor with speed sensor. To ensure you're not left without power for too long, the battery recharges in only 5 hours and comes with a full 2-year warranty.

Our range of Pendleton hybrid bikes

Our exclusive range of Pendleton Hybrid bikes effortlessly fuses style with comfort. Featuring comfortable upright riding positions, on-trend colours, and crafted with the utmost attention to detail - you'll be the talk of the town!

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Pendleton Somerby hybrid bike - maroon red

The Pendleton Somerby hybrid bike in maroon red is the perfect balance of style and class! The stunning Somerby features a classic step-through frame, sprung leather-style saddle for comfort and seven-speed Shimano gears to give you a helping hand up those hills.

The Pendleton Ashwell hybrid bike - black

The Pendleton Ashwell Hybrid Bike in black is a beauty with its classic 'Dutch' style step through frame. To ensure you stay spotless on your ride, Pendleton's signature mudguards and full chaincase will protect you from grease and puddles! The versatile design means you can pop to the shops, meet your friends for lunch or cycle to work with ease and style!

Pendleton girls bikes

With the aim of getting younger girls onto two wheels, we've worked with Victoria to bring a range of Pendleton girls bikes to life. These bikes feature all of the design expertise found in the adult models, but in a smaller frame.

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Pendleton bike accessories

Whether you're looking to add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your bike with a classic basket or you're after a chic helmet, our range of Pendleton bike accessories have been designed to complement your Pendleton bike and your surroundings perfectly.

With such a wide range of stylish Pendleton bikes and accessories here at Halfords - you'll be cycling around the city or those quaint country lanes without a care in the world!

Don't forget when you spend on a bike you can save money on the accessories.