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Selle Italia

Selle Italia is the world’s leading bike saddle manufacturer.

Creating the most innovative, advanced – and comfortable – saddles on the market. Since 1897 the brand has been synonymous with success, propelling riders to iconic victories in the Tour De France, World Championships and Olympics.

Today, Selle Italia produces exceptional quality saddles for all budgets. If you want to know more about this iconic bike brand, saddle up for the Selle Italia story. 

Current Range

The bike saddle you choose should smooth out the lumps and bumps in the road and providing a comfortable position for long hours in the saddle.

As a good rule of thumb, if you’re riding for leisure then choose a wider saddle with extra padding, such as the Selle Italia Kalaam

If you’re serious about speed, then choose a longer and narrower saddle that positions you slightly further forward on the bike, such as the Selle Italia Talisman Flow Saddle.

Whether you’re a commuter, racer or off-road fanatic, Selle Italia offers a range of bodies and saddles to suit all budgets, and we’ve selected the best of them for Halfords.

Explore some of our  Selle Italia Saddles available at Halfords below.

Selle Italia Kalaam Fill Saddle

Selle Italia Kalaam Fill Saddle

The Selle Italia Kalaam Gel Saddle has all the features you need for a plush and comfortable ride.

 Its wide and ergonomic shape allows anyone to ride easily avoiding discomfort in sensitive areas. The large layer of gel inside the padding helps to further increase the feeling of comfort in every situation. The soft touch cover with its highly reflective strips adds a quality to the touch and safety into the evenings.

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Selle Italia Talisman Flow Saddle

Selle Italia Talisman Flow Saddle

The Selle Italia Talisman Gel Flow Saddle is the right saddle for riders looking for the perfect balance between performance and comfort on a daily basis.

The padding and gel work together with the central “Flow” hole to relieve pressure in sensitive areas. This helps to maximize the feeling of comfort. The Flat shape guarantees the same high level of performance as a racing saddle.

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Selle Italia S5 Saddle

Selle Italia S5 Saddle

Drop on to the Selle Italia S5, and its unique waved shape will help you immediately find the ideal seating position and maximum pedalling performance.

The saddle's gel inserts and central hole improve ventilation and comfort that will power you on your road rides or off-road adventures.

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Italian innovation

Selle Italia’s rich history stretches all the way back to 1897. It begins in the small village of Corsico, just outside of Milan. There, expert craftspeople began to hand-build leather saddles for everyday bicycles. As the sport of cycling took hold of Italy, Europe and the rest of the world, Selle Italia established as the world’s leading builder of superior-quality sports saddles.

Selle Italia has an uncompromising approach to quality, and won’t cut costs or standards. It’s helped the brand maintain its position at the top of the game.

Over the years, Selle Italia has revolutionised the simple cycle saddle, introducing new innovations that have helped to increase comfort and speed. You might think that there’s very little you can do with the simple saddle, but you’d be wrong…

In 1984, they introduced the first shock-absorber system. In 1991, it introduced the first genuine gel silicone inserts. In 2008, Selle Italia launched OPTIMA, a streamlined triathlon-specific saddle that has an integrated bottle cage. In 2012 it launched its now legendary SLR range of saddles, featuring a pressure relief cut-out. In 2019 it released the compact and super-lightweight SLR Boost, the latest update to the classic SLR model.

Today, Selle Italia has moved beyond the road to produce a range of performance saddles for off-road riders too. Within the Selle Italia range, you’ll find the right saddle for you.

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