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STOPLOCK are one of the leading vehicle security brands in the UK, with over 20 years' experience in protecting people's vehicles.

The STOPLOCK Halfords range offers a wide variety of STOPLOCK’s products, including the STOPLOCK Steering Wheel Lock and STOPLOCK Pro Elite Wheel Immobiliser.

The STOPLOCK brand reputation has been built on high quality and performance, with the brand helping protect cars across the UK, focusing on those with keyless entry.

With more and more cars becoming keyless, its vitally important to ensure that all cars take advantage of a STOPLOCK Steering Wheel Lock to secure their vehicle to prevent it theft.

STOPLOCK are a prestigious brand with extensive experience in creating high technology wheel locks that prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle - they also offer STOPLOCK spare keys in case of loss or if duplication is required.

The STOPLOCK Pro Elite

The STOPLOCK Pro Elite

If you're looking for a top-of-the-range model - this is it.

The STOPLOCK Pro Elite Steering Wheel Immobiliser has been created with the brand’s knowledge and experience at the forefront of its creation, creating a steering lock that will both deter and protect every time.

This model has a deeper bend to its design with larger forks, creating a deeper level of security for your vehicle; it also comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee, so you can invest in this device knowing it’ll be with you for a long time to come!


The STOPLOCK Elite device comes fully equipped with a protective case and a unique key code, making it virtually impossible for thieves to get away with your vehicle.

With its highly visible bright yellow finish, this heavy-duty product is enough to turn any thief away from your vehicle.

For those that would dare try, the STOPLOCK Pro Elite is extremely difficult to remove or damage; thanks to the highly durable materials and larger design than other brands, the STOPLOCK Steering Wheel Immobiliser wraps around your steering wheel, protecting both your air bag and internal steering wheel.

The STOPLOCK Pro Elite is supplied with a pair of keys (replacements can be purchased by quoting the key code) with 10,000 combinations.

The device is easy to remove and fit, with a protective cover for easy storage when the device isn’t being used.

The STOPLOCK Pro Elite Steering Wheel Immobiliser has gained a category three rating from independent car security experts Sold Secure - you’ll be investing in a steering wheel lock approved by the experts themselves!

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STOPLOCK Airbag 4x4 Steering Wheel Lock

STOPLOCK Airbag 4x4 Steering Wheel Lock

The STOPLOCK Airbag 4x4 Steering Wheel Lock is designed and developed for larger vehicles with bigger steering wheels, such as 4x4's or vans.


This lock is made from a high-grade steel, and features a flashing LED warning light, providing additional security from anyone looking to get into your car.

With a five-year manufacturer guarantee, this is the steering wheel lock you need for your car in order to keep it safe from thieves, especially vehicles with keyless entry.

This STOPLOCK Steering Wheel Lock also comes with a STOPLOCK replacement key in case you happen to lose your original - however your Wheel Lock does also come with a unique code feature, allowing you to personalise the security in your car even more!

Find out more about this STOPLOCK Airbag device here.

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STOPLOCK Pulsar with Flashing Light Steering Wheel Lock

STOPLOCK Pulsar with Flashing Light Steering Wheel Lock

This STOPLOCK Steering Wheel Lock doesn't just lock onto your car wheel, it also gives your car that extra little bit of security with a nifty flashing light.


This acts as a very effective deterrent to any would-be thieves, with this product being a STOPLOCK Halford’s exclusive device - you can’t get it anywhere else.

The Pulsar Steering Wheel Lock is compact for storage and has five years manufacturers guarantee - making it a worthwhile investment.

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