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With Europe’s roads as their test track, Vredestein builds premium tyres for cutting edge performance. Every tyre is refined by design, fine-tuned by Alpine descents, refined by scenic routes and advanced by technology. Inspired by over a century of craftsmanship and a renowned reputation for pioneering all-season and winter tyres, Vredestein has an unrelenting drive to constantly improve the performance of its products.

Vredestein’s R&D centres are constantly engineering and designing new generations of tyre, which are often rewarded with top results in independent international tyre tests


Vredestein tyres have been at the forefront of the all-season tyre market since its inception in the early 1990s, benefitting from the company’s knowledge of winter and summer tyres to deliver premium performance capabilities whatever the conditions. With sizes ranging from 13 to 22 inches, the Vredestein brand now offers one of the most comprehensive and diverse portfolios of all-season tyres available.

Saving you time

No additional costs for a seasonal tyre change and reducing cost of storage per season

High level of safety

With milder winter conditions in the UK, all season tyres offer a higher level of safety when driving.


Quatrac all-season tyre

Quatrac all-season tyre
  • More than 10% improvement in aquaplaning resistance.
  • Improved handling across dry, wet and snow surfaces.
  • 20% improved tyre life.
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Quatrac Pro all-season tyre

Quatrac Pro all-season tyre
  • Short breaking distance and superb handling on wet roads.
  • Great safety, even when winter surprises you.
  • Tailor-made for powerful cars and SUVs.
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Comtrac 2 All season +

Comtrac 2 All season
  • Retaining high level of wet & snow performance.
  • Over 20% improvement in tyre life
  • 5% Improved stability when driving. with heavy loads and higher control while cornering.
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Vredestein has a strong track record of winning awards and specifically in the all-season segment. Vredestein Quatrac tyres has been named the ‘Best All-Season Tyres’for 2021 in Germanys leading motoring magazine, Auto Zeitung. Alongside the Quatrac Vredestein have an alternative range of all season tyres for light commercial vehicles with the Comtrac 2 All-season+ and a specific range for the most powerful cars and SUV’s with the Quatrac Pro.

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