New and Exclusive - The Saris Bones Ex has the largest vehicle compatibility of any rear fitting rack on the market

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Bike Racks

Just bought one of our road or mountain bikes for sale and want to go away with your bikes, but don't fancy having a muddy interior and making your passengers get the bus? You need a bike rack!

You can find a bike rack to suit just about any car. Towbar-mounted bicycle carriers are great for quick and easy loading, and some can be folded so that you can still use the boot of your car!

If you haven't got a towbar, what about a roof-mounted cycle carrier? These still let you use the boot of your car while attached, but fit to your roof bars instead!

Even if you don't have roof bars or a towbar, we've got plenty of bike racks for all sorts of cars, so your bike can always come along for the trip.