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Bike Body Armour & Pads at Halfords

If you're serious about cycling and don't like the idea of nursing an injury or the mother of all bruises then our bike body armour is here to help. Whether it's bmx or mountain bikes you're into, we've got it covered.

Our range of bike armour is great for mountain biking with that extra bit of protection for tackling muddy trails. If you're after a bit more movement for tricks on a bmx then knee and elbow pads are a perfect alternative.

Cycling body armour does a great job of protecting your torso, but don't forget to invest in a good quality cycle helmet to prevent unnecessary injury. Our bike helmet size guide is a handy way of helping you to get the right fit.

All our body armour and pads can be reserved online to collect in your local store. Alternatively you can order for delivery to your home or workplace. Stay safe when riding.