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Car Covers and Tarpaulins at Halfords

Car covers are a great way to protect your car against the elements, whether that be the sun, frost, snow, or falling leaves. A car cover is also incredibly handy for long-term storage.

Windscreen covers are brilliant in both the winter and the summer. Pop one over your windscreen at night during the colder months to avoid that frantic ice-scraping session in the morning, and in the summer a reflective windscreen cover will prevent the interior of your car from becoming too toasty.

Tarpaulins always come in handy thanks to the multitude of ways they can be put to use. Many a British barbecue has been saved thanks to hastily rigged tarpaulin. They serve as excellent groundsheets, too.

Whether you're looking to protect your car from pesky blossom or you need something to keep you dry whilst you go camping, here at Halfords we have the range to get you sorted.