Applied Filters

  • Engine Oil
    Engine Oil +
  • Antifreeze
    Antifreeze +
  • Fuel & Oil Additives
    Fuel & Oil Additives +
  • Brake & Clutch Fluid
    Brake & Clutch Fluid +
  • Screenwash & De-Icer
    Screenwash & De-Icer +
  • Gearbox Oil
    Gearbox Oil +
  • Lubricating & Penetrating Oil
    Lubricating & Penetrating Oil +
  • Engine Cleaner & Degreaser
    Engine Cleaner & Degreaser +
  • Grease
    Grease +
  • Air Con
    Air Con +
  • Radiator Repairs
    Radiator Repairs +

Engine Oil & Fluid at Halfords

To keep your car in mint condition, it's essential to keep the moving parts of your car engine well-lubricated. With this in mind, choosing the right car oil to use can become a bit of a daunting proposition.

At Halfords we stock an extensive range of motor oils and fluids, from 5W30 to 10W40, antifreeze to aircon recharge, and are happy to offer expert advice instore to all our customers so that you're able to confidently purchase the right oil and leave our store with peace of mind! 'What oil does my car need?' Believe us when we say we've heard (and answered) it all!

We're also happy to offer a super low-cost total oil top-up service and fill your car with Mobil 1 oil to the exact level you need, keeping you nice and clean and, again, ensuring you receive the expert service you deserve!

Purchase online, use our free online oil checker to determine the right oil for you, or simply visit your nearby Halfords and speak to one of our experts!