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Grease at Halfords

Grease lubricants are important to ensure all the parts in your car work smoothly as well ensuring you are driving your car to its full potential. One of the areas where grease lubricant is most important is in repairing, replacing or maintaining your brake callipers.

If you fail to check your vehicle grease lubricants regularly you do run the risk of corrosion of engine parts and in some cases may completely seize your car.

We offer a selection of different types of car grease from quality brands such as Comma, handy for all sorts of car maintenance jobs both big and small.

Our range includes silicone grease spray which can be applied to rubber door & window trims, as well as copper grease for lubricating nuts, bolts, hinges and studs. We also sell lithium grease and multi-purpose grease, so there should be something in our collection suitable for you.