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Snow Chains & Snow Socks at Halfords

As heavy snowfall isn't an overly common occurrence in the UK, many cars aren't equipped to drive in such treacherous conditions.

In countries where heavy snow is more common, snow chains and snow socks are used.

With winters getting colder, investing in car chains and socks is a sensible idea, especially if you live or work in areas where the roads may not be gritted or cleared often. Purchasing tyre chains for snow can also be a requirement if you're traveling to particularly snowy areas across Europe, such as the Alps.

Car Snow Chain & Socks FAQs

How do snow chains work?

Snow chains and socks provide that extra bit of grip and friction your wheels need to be able to drive on slippery or snowy surfaces ? making driving in these conditions much safer as it reduces the chance of your car losing control or skidding.

Car chains and socks are not a permanent fixture and can be removed from your tyres. The snow socks or chains are simply wrapped around your car wheel and tightly fitted. This is to ensure they are not dislodged along your journey. Therefore it is very important to ensure you choose the right size snow chains for this very reason. See our guide on how snow socks work.

At Halfords, we're prepared for every eventuality with our range of snow chains for cars. Pop into store or use our simple online lookup tool to find the right tyre chains or socks for your vehicle.