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Technology at Halfords

Sat Navs and good car audio are must buys for your car especially if you hate being stuck in traffic jams or getting lost. A sat nav will ensure you don't get lost but if do, at least you can listen to decent music, which will make the long journey bearable.

Satellite navigations come in a variety of different sizes with a number of funky functions. Before buying a TomTom sat nav consider where you are going to use it as you get the choice of UK, ROI and Europe. Other features to consider are whether it has the traffic function so it re-routes when there is a traffic jam ahead or the speed camera function.

Getting a new audio system like a dab radio means you can wave goodbye to crackly radio for good. As well as having the option to listen to any radio station you like wherever you are in UK, without going through the hassle of constantly re-tuning.

For all your other technology needs Halfords offer a wide selection of Dash Cams including award winning Nextbase Dash Cams to keep you secure in the unfortunate event of a car accident. If you want to stay on top of your fitness than take a look at our fitness trackers.