Dunlop Sport BluResponse (195/55 R15 85V) 4085956

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  • Good quality premium tyre
  • Excellent performance on wet
  • Reduced braking distances on wet and dry roads
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EU ratings
EU ratings

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Sport BluResponse has superior dry handling with Dunlop Touch Technology so you can enjoy responsive dry handling. A flatter tread profile puts more rubber in contact with the road, resulting in improved grip and steering precision. A tight link is maintained between rim and tyre, giving you a tactile feel for the driving surface. With enhanced road feedback, driving becomes more enjoyable. It has excellent performance in the wet as the Sport BluResponse uses a polymer compound to give you better grip and handling on wet roads. Its large central grooves in the tread evacuate water quickly, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. The tyre also utilises Dunlop's innovative Short Braking blocks to reduce braking distances on wet and dry roads. It is designed for high performance driving as these extra-stiff blocks increase road contact under braking force. And yet the tyre also saves fuel. The Sport BluResponse employs an aerodynamic shape and low-heat compound to reduce rolling resistance by 30% compared to its predecessor. That translates to average savings of £75 per year in fuel costs. Finally it has been tuned to give lower noise thanks to the closed shoulder grooves that suppress noise emission, for a quieter and more comfortable ride.

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