Grabber AT3
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Grabber AT3 grabberat3

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  • Mid-range SUV tyre
  • All-terrain tyre
  • 5/5 use on-road & off-road

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The Grabber AT3 is designed for 50/50 use for on-road and off-road. The innovative pattern design achieves exceptional off-road grip through gripping edges that interlock with loose surfaces. The open tread shoulder ensures efficient self-cleaning action for added traction in mud. The tread is designed with a robust compound and reinforced blocks that ensures a long tyre life even in rugged terrain. Moreover, it delivers confident stability under all approved load conditions with ultra-high strength steel belts.

There are large sidewall lugs on the upper sidewall that protect the tyre body from debris, stones and rocks. A series of stacked deflection ribs protects the upper sidewall area against penetration by deflecting obstacles away from the tyre body. There is a rim protection rub that shields the tyre and wheel bead area from damage caused by curb stones and off-road obstacles.

Some sizes are available with outline white lettering on the sidewall. This is indicated by "OWL" in the tyre display name.

This tyre is also mud and snow approved and certified with the 3 peaks winter certification.

General Grabber AT3 Extra Information

  • Experience exceptional grip
  • Go off-road with confidence
  • Enjoy maximum comfort