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Gift cards for business

Using Gift Cards on your Apple device

How do I use Gift Cards on my mobile device?

You are now able to add your Halfords Gift Card into your mobile wallet on Apple devices. In-store you simply show your Gift Card in the wallet and the cashier will scan the image barcode. The top left of the mobile pass also shows you your balance in real time* *(Mobile data or wifi connection is required for realtime balance.)

How does it work?

To qualify you must either already have, or purchase a Gift Card or eGift redeemable in either Halfords, The Boardman Performance Centre, and Cycle Republic with an active balance.

You are able to add as many Gift Cards / eGifts as you wish but don't forget our Gift Cards can be loaded/topped up with up to £1000/€1000 Euros

This is valid in the UK and ROI for both Gift Cards and eGifts of any age or value.

How do I purchase a Gift Card?

If you're shopping online - purchase your Gift Card / eGift as normal, and then follow the instructions by device below.

If you're shopping in-store - Purchase your Gift Card as normal, and then follow the instructions by device below.

Please note that Gift Cards cannot be purchased using click and collect.

Adding your Gift Card to Apple Wallet

  1. On your Apple device visit https://www.halfords.com/advice/cycling/service/halfords-gift-cards Or visit Halfords.com and search Gift Cards
  2. Click on 'Check your remaining balance here'
  3. Enter your Gift Card / eGift number and 4 digit PIN
  4. The page will return your Gift Card balance & Add to Apple Wallet
  5. Click on Add to Apple Wallet
  6. Your phone will convert your Gift Card into a mobile wallet pass and ask you to confirm add to wallet
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