Brand New Enhanced Range
Brand New Enhanced Range
Brand New Enhanced Range
Explore the range of stylish & performance-driven Carrera bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters. Whether you’re hitting the trail, heading to work or sight-seeing, we have a solution for you.
All Halfords 2020 Carrera Bikes feature Memory Foam Saddles

Memory Foam Saddles

All Halfords Carrera 2020 Bikes come with Puncture Resistant Tyres

Puncture-Resistant Tyres

All Halfords Carrera 2020 Bikes are made of Lightweight Aluminium

Lightweight Aluminium Frames


Carreras are for everyday riders and weekend adventurers who are looking for a real step up in their cycling and scootering.

Carrera bikes and e-scooters are made to help you travel that little bit further, faster or more frequently. No matter what you ride there is a Carrera specifically designed and developed to help support you in cycling and scootering more.

Brand New Enhanced Range
Explore the Range
Brand New Enhanced Range
Carrera Electric Bikes

Reboot Your Commute

Add a boost to your ride or daily commute with our range of Carrera impel e-bikes. Combining performance, versatility and comfort, each features a sleek design and market-leading technology.

Featured model: Carrera Impel im-2

Carrera Mountain Bikes
More Mountain with Carrera

More Mountains

Explore the trails, hills and mountains with comfort and control, Carrera Mountain Bikes are built for more.

Featured model: Carrera Vengeance

Carrera Hybrid Bikes

More Adventures

Designed for both the road and trail riding, our wide range of Carrera Hybrid Bikes are ideal for leisurely rides in the countryside, city sight-seeing and everyday commuting.

Featured model: Carrera Parva

Carrera Road Bikes

More Miles...

Built for speed our Carrera Road Bikes offer a lightweight and responsive way to hit your cycling goals or simply venture further afield.

Featured model: Carrera Vanquish

Carrera E-Scooters

More Freedom...

The ultimate e-scooter solution, the Impel is-1 boasts a number of innovative features and is a high-performance, all weather e-scooter that is truly – Designed For More ®.

Featured model: Carrera Impel is-1

Carrera bikes


folding bikes

Easy to store making them perfect for city commuting and trips away, Carrera Folding Bikes are lightweight, efficient and safe.

Carrera bikes



Enjoy cycling even more with a Carrera Electric Bike – with innovative technology and speed assistance, Carrera mountain E Bikes give you the boost you need to go further and faster.

Carrera bikes



Lightweight aluminium children’s bikes that bring adult levels of comfort, safety and performance; allow your budding cyclists to be adventurous and improve.

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When it comes to designing and building our Carrera bikes and scooters, we place a lot of focus on testing and customer feedback. We know they are Designed For More™ and that’s why we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on the frame and rigid forks of all Carrera bikes and scooters.

This means, if there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace the frame and / or forks free of charge for the entire time you own your Carrera - giving you that extra piece of mind on the trail, road or daily commute.

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One of the great benefits of choosing a Carrera is that the Halfords Support Centre are always there to assist you in taking care of your Carrera bike or scooter.

Riders can access first class help and advice online or at any Halfords store across the UK – whatever the problem, our aftersales support team will endeavour to fix any issues you may be having as soon as possible.

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