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Comma serve the global automotive market as a world-class manufacturer and supplier of automotive lubricants and chemicals for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

With over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, Comma have a top-quality range of products that surpass all drivers’ standards.

Comma products work to ensure that motorists are certain that they give their vehicles the optimum balance between performance and value.

Comma products are created with quality raw materials and go through an extensive production process and testing regime, to ensure that the final product is everything the customer needs.

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Comma Engine Oil

Comma Engine Oil

The range of Comma Oils are designed to meet the needs of the ever-increasingly strict demands of contemporary passenger vehicles.

Comma Oil’s premium quality synthetic engine oils contain the latest manufacturer specifications, backed by a 100% compatibility guarantee - so you can be sure these Comma Engine Oils will do your car nothing but good.

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Comma Oil 0W30

The Comma Voltech 0W30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is a high-performance oil, made especially for Volvo engines

The Comma Voltech 0W30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is a high-performance oil, made especially for Volvo engines

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Comma Antifreeze & Coolant

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Comma Antifreeze & Coolant products cover 99% of UK vehicle applications.

With a wide range of Comma Antifreeze & Coolant products, you’re guaranteed to find a Comma Oil Product suited to your vehicle.

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Comma Antifreeze & Coolant G30

This Comma Xstream G30 Antifreeze & Coolant assists to protect your vehicle from corrosion, overheating and freezing.

This Comma Antifreeze & Coolant product has a typical service life of up to five years, safeguarding your vehicle from the worst weather conditions and engine problems.

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Comma Antifreeze G48

This Comma Xstream G48 Antifreeze & Coolant aids in keeping your car in the best condition possible, come whatever circumstance.

Built with a unique technical process that will resist all signs of rusting, this 8-speed chain is perfect for long-life use and 7 and 8 speed bikes.

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Comma Gear Oil

Comma Gear Oil

Available in convenient pack sizes, Comma Gear Oil products offer a range of high-quality gear, transmission and differential oils for most manual and automatic cars.

With Comma Gear Oil, you’re able to benefit from some significant fuel economy savings, as the Comma Gear Oil products work to optimise the efficiency of your geared components.

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Comma Gear Oil SX75W/90 GL4

The Comma Gear Oil SX75W/90 GL4 is a semi-synthetic, multi-grade gear oil, made especially for five and six speed gearboxes.

With an optimum low temperature performance, this Comma Gearbox Oil eases gear selection even in the coolest temperatures and works to enhance shear stability stay-in grade performance over extended Comma Gear Oil life.

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Comma Gear Oil EP75W80 Plus

This Comma Gear Oil EP75W80 Plus is an enhanced mineral gear oil.

Recommended for Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Nissan and Mazda vehicles, this Comma Gearbox Oil can be used where a 75W-80, API GL-4 Oil is specified.

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Comma Maintenance Products

Comma Oil Maintenance Products

Keep your car maintained and healthy, with Comma maintenance products.

These premium quality products consist of greases, power steering fluids and additives, working to enhance your car's performance and reduce emissions

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Comma Power Steering Fluid

This Comma Power Steering Fluid works to preserve seals and stop leaks.

Suitable for most power-steering systems, the Comma Power Steering Fluid is compatible with all types of ATF fluids - but make sure you read your vehicle manual beforehand.

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Comma Multi-Purpose Grease

Suitable for general use, the Comma Multi-Purpose Grease helps keeps your car parts fully lubricated and running smoothly.

Available in a 500-gram tub, this lithium-based Comma Multi-Purpose Grease is a must-have for car enthusiasts and those wanting to keep their car in tip-top condition, without visiting their local garage.

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