Crud Mudguards

CRUD Mudguards

CRUD are a family-run business, founded by “Mr Crud” in 1991, working to produce high-quality bicycle accessories for cyclists.

For any mountain biker or regular commuter, a CRUD Mudguard is an essential bike accessory.

CRUD Mudguards assist in keeping both yourself and your bike free from any road grime, water or mud that may be lurking on roads, trails or mountains you cycle.

Mudguards also work to keep your bike clean and safe from any damaging debris whilst you’re riding, keeping your bike in top-notch condition whilst keeping you clean and dry.

Find out more about the CRUD Mudguards below, available at Halfords today.

CRUD Race Pac Mudguard Set

CRUD Race Pac Mudguard Set

The CRUD Race Pac Mudguard Set is perfect for XC bikes, hybrids or even road bikes to keep you and your bike clean on the road, trail or mountain.

The superlight CRUD Catcher Mudguard can be fitted in seconds, and covers both the front and rear wheel of your bike in moments.

A CRUD Race Pac Mudguard Set will give you full length coverage for your bike, so you won’t need to worry about getting dirty, or your bike becoming damaged from any trail debris whilst you’re on the move.

With all-stainless fittings, the CRUD Raceguard Rear Mudguard will enable you to avoid the dreaded stripe marking on your back from mud stains, and the CRUD Catcher Front Mudguard stops you from getting sprayed in the face - something we definitely want to avoid when cycling.

Near the brackets, the CRUD Mudguard is 4mm thick to retain strength, whilst the end of the mudguard is only 1mm, to save weight and make sure there is no tipping your bike off-balance.

To find out more about the CRUD Race Pac Mudguard set, check out the CRUD Mudguard at Halfords today.

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