Delivering an innovative range of high-quality automotive safety products, EchoMaster's range of reversing cameras and monitors help keep you safe in your car.

Whether you’re reversing the family car or guiding a fleet of vehicles, EchoMaster offers ultimate visibility and assistance whilst you’re out and about.

From cameras, monitors, parking sensors, DVR recorders and much more, you’ll be a source of safety and awareness with an EchoMaster product in your vehicle.

EchoMaster work to put safety above all else with their products, in order to assist customers in driving with confidence and enabling situational awareness and accountability.

Having an extra pair of eyes - so to speak - whilst you’re on the road is essential when it comes to any unfortunate incidents and gives the driver the full picture of what’s around them.

Driven by innovation, EchoMaster is always working to increase the safety of drivers, providing quality and commitment-to-safety every time.

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EchoMaster Monitor & Reversing Camera Kit

EchoMaster Monitor & Reversing Camera Kit

The EchoMaster Monitor & Reversing Camera Kit aids in giving you peace of mind whilst driving and manoeuvring.

With a 170 degree angle, the pedestal-mounted camera assists you in parking in tight car spaces and keeps an eye out for unexpected obstacles, so you can park with ease.

Everything that the EchoMaster Reversing Camera captures is displayed on a 4.3-inch dashboard-mounted monitor, so you can observe your rear car-view with ease.

The EchoMaster Camera is water and debris-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the weather getting in your way of clear vision.

Explore more features of the amazing EchoMaster Monitor & Reversing Camera Kit.

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EchoMaster Mirror & Reversing Camera Kit

EchoMaster Mirror & Reversing Camera Kit

Aid your parking skills, with this EchoMaster Mirror & Reversing Camera Kit.

Tight spaces and unexpected obstacles when you’re parking are frustrating - but thanks to the EchoMaster Reversing Camera, all your parking needs can become simple and stress-free.

The EchoMaster Reversing Camera with Dynamic Parking Lines is a 1.3-inch CMOS camera, that can mount on any vehicle, aiding you in extending your view and providing additional safety whilst you’re on the road.

Dynamic Parking lines move to show the direction the car will move in making parking even easier.

The sturdy design and IP67 water- and debris-proof rating, the EchoMaster Rear Parking Display System is engineered to handle the elements with ease.

The rear-view mirror display also features a dimming function, which reduces screen brightness in low light conditions whilst you’re reversing - practical, and safe for the driver to park with simplicity.

This small EchoMaster Backup Camera has a 170° viewing angle and is able to withstand any weather, giving you a clear and reliable picture.

Bring an extra level of safety to your car and passengers using an EchoMaster Reversing Camera.

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EchoMaster 7''Clip-On Mirror Monitor

EchoMaster 7''Clip-On Mirror Monitor

Incorporate safety into your vehicle, with an EchoMaster 7'' Clip-On Mirror Monitor.

This EchoMaster camera clips on to your existing rear-view mirror with provided attachments.

When reverse is engaged, one of the dual video inputs on your 7” rear view mirror becomes a video signal displaying the view out of the back of your car to assist you in reversing.

The reverse signal must be detected to display the rear-picture of your vehicle, otherwise your mirror will operate as normal.

When you’re reversing, the monitor will auto-initiate, and will begin to help you with parking and reversing.

Find out more about the EchoMaster 7” Clip-On Mirror Monitor here.

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EchoMaster Reversing Camera - Chrome

EchoMaster Reversing Camera - Chrome

Avoid parking problems no-more, with the EchoMaster Reversing Camera in Chrome.

This EchoMaster Backup Camera is a 1.4” CMOS camera, that mounts onto any vehicle, and can be used as either a front camera or rear camera to assist in parking.

The EchoMaster Reversing Camera is sturdily built, and is weather-proof, so even on the rainiest of days, will still display perfect shots of the front or rear of your vehicle.

The tiny discreet camera has a 170° viewing angle and is built with robust materials to ensure it withstands life on the road.

Keep an extra pair of eyes on the road to avoid accidents and accountability, with an EchoMaster Reversing Camera.

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