HIGH5 work to create a range of nutritious products with tasty, natural flavours, aiding you in achieving your sports goals, no matter how big or small.

For over 20 years, HIGH5 have been providing sports nutrition products to all sports advocates and participants.

HIGH5 Sports products are packed with everything you need to perform at your ultimate best, no matter the occasion.

Founded by two triathletes in 1994, HIGH5 was founded with performance in mind; with first-hand experience in fuelling your body for exercise, HIGH5’s founders created products they believed were missing from the nutrition market.

HIGH5 Nutrition is researched thoroughly and only high-quality ingredients are used to ensure that HIGH5 tastes great and does the job of giving you the energy you need, pre and post-exercise.

HIGH5 Energy Drinks and HIGH5 Protein Recovery drinks have won multiple awards over the years, being the first brand in the world to launch such products.

At events and races around the world, HIGH5 are the on-course nutrition providers at over 750 of these events annually.

HIGH5 Sports Nutrition was established to recognise the importance of support in sport at both amateur and elite level; whether you’re just looking to cross the finish line or pushing for your personal best, HIGH5 products will help get you there.

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HIGH5 Packs

HIGH5 Packs

HIGH5's range of packs assist users in performing to their ultimate best when exercising, whether they're a beginner athlete or regular partaker in exercise.

HIGH5 assist with recovery and energy whilst you’re exercising and long after, and these HIGH5 Packs are great for those partaking in long trips, races or more.

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HIGH5 Cycle Pack

The HIGH5 Cycle Pack contains a selection of the best products for cyclists.

Whether you are new to cycling or you're a long-time cycle lover, this HIGH5 Cycle Pack contains nutrition essentials to spur-on your next session.

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HIGH5 Gel Taster Pack

The HIGH5 Gel Taster Pack contains a range of HIGH5's Gel best-sellers, giving you a taste for their amazing products

From berry to banana and apple, these HIGH5 Gels taste delicious and give you an incredible boost.

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HIGH5 Zero

HIGH5 Zero

HIGH5 Zero are small HIGH5 Tabs, which dissolve in your drink for an additional vitamin boost.

HIGH5 Zero offers you ultimate hydration, with zero calories; the UK’s number one electrolyte sports drink, HIGH5 Zero gives you a clean-tasting and highly refreshing drink, with no sugar.

Simply place the HIGH5 Tablet within your water bottle and watch it dissolve.

These HIGH5 Hydration Tablets contain Vitamin C and 5 electrolytes, including sodium and magnesium, reducing tiredness and fatigue after a workout or race.

Each HIGH5 Zero pack includes 20 HIGH5 Tabs, and each tablet includes no artificial colours or preservatives.

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HIGH5 Energy Bars

HIGH5 Energy Bars

HIGH5 Energy Bars are a natural mix of real fruit and grains, providing a great-tasting energy bar with great nutrition properties.

HIGH5 Bars are a balance of simple and complex carbohydrates for training, racing and working out.

These HIGH5 Energy Bars are classed as one of your 5-a-day, and can be used as a healthy snack to compliment a training session, or give you energy beforehand.

Easy to chew, not too sweet and full of natural ingredients, these energy bars and the perfect workout companion.

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