Holts Tyreweld


For the past 100 years, Holts have provided the solutions to ever-changing car problems.

As cars evolve and technology changes, Holts have worked to provide innovative products alongside these changes over the past century, assisting drivers with the best car experience.

Founder Douglas Holt first started developing products to keep his own car running - and now 100 years later, Holts are still working hard to keep your car on the road.

After early success in the UK during the 1920’s, Holts products began to find success overseas, and the business expanded into France in 1950.

With worldwide results and a century-old brand, Holts “problem solved” strapline is a key to its long-term success and innovative products.

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Holts Tyreweld

Holts Tyreweld

There's nothing more chaotic than a flat tyre, but thanks to Holts Tyreweld, you'll be back on the road in no time.

Thanks to Holts Tyreweld, there is a simpler and safer way to replace your tyre without the hassle that usually comes with replacing a tyre.

Holts Tyreweld is a quick and easy solution to punctures, allowing you to get back on the road without you actually having to touch a wheel nut!

To use, simply attach the can of Holts Tyreweld you’re using to the valve - whether it be a Holts Tyreweld 500ml, 400ml or 300ml - and watch the wonder of Tyreweld.

No tools or tyre jack are needed when you use Holts Tyreweld - within 10 minutes, you’ll be back on the road thanks to this safe non-toxic formula which works to repair your tyre from the inside out.

Holts Tyreweld 400ml replaces the spare wheel or car tyre repair kit you keep in your boot and provides you with peace of mind that a flat tyre won’t cause you an abundance of problems.

Holts Tyreweld contains a water-based foam, which acts as a car tyre sealant when inserted into the wheel; first, the solution re-inflates your tyre, and, once you’re back on the road, the foam works to find the puncture and seal it completely before you get to a garage to have the wheel replaced.

Get back on the road faster, with Holts Tyreweld 300ml, 400ml or 500ml - find out which size can is best for you at Halfords today.

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Holts Radweld

Holts Radweld

Don't let steam from your car radiator cost you a fortune - with a bottle of Holts Radweld, you'll be back on the road in no time.

Holts Radweld works to stop leaks within your car radiator - simply pour into your expansion tank when your engine is cold and top up with coolant/antifreeze to experience the incredible results for yourself.

The advanced formula of Holts Radweld works to target leaks within your radiator, and seals them permanently with no clogging or damaging effects.

Holts Radweld also works to prevent future leaks within your car radiator, keeping your car on the road for longer.

You don’t need any special preparation to use Holts Radweld - simply pour and fix, it couldn’t be any easier.

The solution will then make it’s way through the system, targeting radiator leaks without providing damage or clogging within the vehicle.

Holts Radweld is available a 250ml bottle.

Find out more about the Holts Radweld innovative car must-have at Halfords here.

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Holts Firegum

Holts Firegum

Holts Firegum works to give you tight gas seals in your exhaust joints.

This self-sealing, heat setting product is an exhaust assembly paste, which is developed specially to give you those gas-tight seals within your exhaust joints, to help you repair your exhaust at home without incurring costs from garages.

Quick and easy to use, Holts Firegum lubricates for fast assembly, and resists vibration to last for years - an investment you can truly count on.

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