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Founded in 1919, Lazer Helmets have always been ahead of the race, leading the industry in innovation, design, safety and technology.

When Lazer Bike Helmets were founded, they consisted of leather caps used by men riding steel bikes over cobbled country roads in countries like Belgium, with the consideration of weight, adjustability and ventilation of the helmets being little to none.

Thanks to the smart-thinking team at Lazer Helmets, they were able the adjust the style and thinking behind the regular cycling helmet and create the sophisticated products that you see in stores and at Halfords today.

The result of over 100 years of experience, passion and dedication has contributed to the incredible products that Lazer Helmets make, working to always create the perfect blend of design, comfort, safety and technology in every helmet.

Designed in Belgium, Lazer Helmets are available in over 50 countries across the globe, and their range is available online at Halfords.

Explore our favourite Lazer Bike Helmets below.

Lazer Compact DLX MIPS Helmet

Lazer Compact DLX MIPS Helmet

This Lazer Bike Helmet provides riders with comfort, safety and style in one well-priced package.

A one-size-fits-all Lazer Helmet, the Compact DLX is fitted with an insect net and a rear-mounted LED light, to ensure extra visibility and safety during those darker rides.

MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, adds an additional safety aspect to your helmet.

The MIPS features a low-friction layer within the helmet that reduces rotational forces to provide additional protection against any unfortunate impact.

MIPS works by replicating the brain's own protection system, meaning the shell of the helmet can move relative to the liner, working to absorb impact by being able to rotate.

With 21 vents within the helmet and a sleek design, you'll be safe, comfortable and stylish in this Lazer Cycle Helmet.

Find out more about the Lazer Compact DLX MIPS Helmet online at Halfords today.

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Lazer Z1 Helmet

Lazer Z1 Helmet

The Lazer Z1 Helmet is Lazer's most ventilated road bike helmet, featuring a new rear spoiler.

With safety as its main priority, the Lazer Z1 offers additional coverage at the side of the rider's head to provide protection around the temple, which has been identified as the weakest point of the skull.

To keep riders cool and comfortable, the Lazer Z1 Helmet features deep ventilation channels which work to draw air through the helmet, whilst keeping the gap between the head and shell to a minimum.

This helps to ensure rider's do not overheat or become uncomfortable, with ventilation an important consideration with the Lazer Z1.

Explore more features available with the Lazer Z1 Helmet online here.

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Lazer Century Helmet

Lazer Century Helmet

This Lazer Helmet is the product of 100 years of experience; by integrating protection, comfort, aerodynamics and visibility, the Lazer Century Helmet provides riders with a helmet that's hard to compete with.

The Lazer Cycle Helmet features a striking design and offers a rear rechargeable LED light to set new standards in helmet design.

The unique twist cap offers a twist-of-the-hand action to change the Lazer Century Helmet into an aero helmet, from a fully-ventilated helmet.

Internal vent channels actively guide airflow through the Lazer Helmet to give comfort whilst riding in warmer weather, and the stunning cherry-red design will have others envying your cycling style.

Find out more about the Lazer Century Helmet online at Halfords today.

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Lazer Roller Helmet

Lazer Roller Helmet

Offering protection, style and comfort, the Lazer Roller Helmet is perfect for riders who are just getting into cycling.

The subtle design of the Lazer Roller Helmet makes it suitable in any riding situation, and the dial at the back of the helmet controls the basket which secures the back of the head, enabling you to adjust it to suit you.

An in-mould construction keeps this Lazer Helmet light, whilst the visor provides you with additional protection from the front.

The Lazer Roller Helmet features 28 vents, ensuring you are always cool and comfortable on your rides.

Find out more about the Lazer Roller Helmet online at Halfords today.

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Lazer Blade+ Helmet

Lazer Blade+ Helmet

With a similar style to the Lazer Z1 MIPS Helmet, the Lazer Blade+ Helmet combines great style with quality performance.

Wear on your weekend rides, daily commutes or casual bike rides; the narrow shape of the Lazer Blade+ combined with advanced Rollsys retention systems provides you with an incredible fit and adjustability.

22 vents allow you to keep cool, and the lightweight nature of the Lazer Blade+ makes sure you can zoom down the streets or around the park in comfort.

Explore features available with the Lazer Blade+ Helmet online at Halfords today.

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