Nuband Fitness Trackers

Nuband Fitness Trackers are one of the UK's fastest growing brands of fitness trackers, working to make fitness and wearable technology both fun and affordable.

Fitness, health and wellbeing with a Nuband Watch is about focusing on the little things, and Nuband want to work to help you every step of the way.

Getting fit is easier than any of us thinks, and you don’t need a gym or strict regime plan to do so - simply set daily goals with your Nuband Fitness Tracker and explore your local playground.

A Nuband Fitness Tracker is affordable and easy to use, making this a cost-effective investment in your health and future.

One of the UK’s fastest growing fitness brands, Nuband are part of a larger watch-based business in Hong Kong, working to improve the health of millions over the world.

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Nuband Active Fitness Tracker

Nuband Active Fitness Tracker

The Nuband Active Fitness Tracker allows you to keep track of your daily fitness activity with ease.

The Nuband Active features a 2.5cm OLED screen display, showing you how many steps you’ve walked, the distance, and the amount of calories you’ve burned that day.

The Nuband Active also offers alarm and snooze functions to alert you when needed, whether that’s getting up first thing in the morning, or reminding you to take a break from work and get moving.

Once connected to a smartphone, your Nuband Active will display the time and date, and all data will be stored in the free Nuband App, where you can monitor your daily activity over time.

The Nuband Active is splash proof and comes with a Micro USB charger, so you can plug your Nuband in whenever it needs a boost of power.

Explore more features available with the Nuband Active Fitness Tracker online here at Halfords.

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Nuband Flash HR Fitness Tracker

Nuband Flash HR Fitness Tracker

The Nuband Flash HR is an excellent way to keep on top of your health and fitness, thanks to a host of innovative features.

With an incorporated sleep tracker, you’re able to monitor the quality of your sleep with the Nuband Flash HR, as well as your heart rate, giving you clear indications into the quality of your daily wellbeing.

The super bright 2.5cm OLED touch screen allows you to scroll smoothly through each feature on the Nuband Flash HR, allowing you to voice call, text and see all media alerts that come to your phone, through your Nuband Watch.

The Nuband Flash HR comes with a USB charger, and all of your steps, calories burnt, and distance walked is stored on the free Nuband app, so you can look back at your progress over time, comparing and contrasting your sleep, heart rate and more.

Explore more features available with the Nuband Flash HR Fitness Tracker online here.

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Nuband I Touch Fitness Tracker

Nuband I Touch Fitness Tracker

The Nuband I Touch Fitness Tracker allows you to wirelessly track your daily activity and sleep with ease.

Whether you’re out on your bike, in the gym or doing your weekly shop, your Nuband I Touch will track everything you’re doing to allow you to see how you’re performing in all areas of your life.

The 2.5cm OLED display shows you your activity clearly, tracking steps, distance and calories, as well as activity time, giving you an indication of how long you’ve been on the move.

The Nuband I Touch allows all your phone activity to be streamed to your Nuband Watch, keeping you up-to-date without you even needing to look at your phone.

The Nuband Tracker App allows you to see all your previous data, from steps to calories burnt, to your resting heart rate, so you can keep a close eye on your fitness and wellbeing.

The silent buzz feature allows you to wake up without alarm bells ringing in your ears, and the Nuband I Touch also comes with a USB charger, allowing you to plug in and power up when needed.

Explore more information about the Nuband I Touch Fitness Tracker online today.

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