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Polar Fitness Watches work to get under the skin of your training.

Polar Watches cater for all levels of fitness, offering a comprehensive range of products.

Polar Watches combine an expertise in sports, physiology and electronics, coupled with a deep understanding of customers’ needs for sport monitoring.

Leading the way with Polar Heart Rate Monitors since 1977, Polar Watches are technological innovations that can aid you in your performance and enjoying a healthier lifestyle, as well as aiding rehabilitation and weight management.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors listen to your body and guide you to achieve your goals with Smart Coaching, offering heart rate, activity and recovery within the ecosystem of the Polar Watch.

With a wide selection of Polar Watches to choose from, browse our favourites below, available at Halfords.

Polar Watches: Pro

Polar Watches: Pro

If you're looking for precise training data to optimise your performance, a Polar Watch from the Pro collection is what you need.

Polar Watches have a long history of supporting elite athletes - these designs will give you precise and accurate training data.

Explore our favourite Polar Watches for Fitness over on the right. below.

Polar Watch Vantage V

This Polar Watch GPS Vantage V is a pro-level multisport watch which gives users complete training solutions for pro-athlete level training.

This Polar Watch for Running is made for those who like to train hard: the 40-hour battery life makes sure you get all the data you need during your longest sessions and provides you with a Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor.

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Polar Watch Vantage M

Get an accurate wrist-based heart rate, with the Polar Heart Rate Monitor featured within the Vantage M Watch.

This Polar Watch for Fitness is packed with the tools you'll need to work out like an athlete; avoid overtraining with Training Load Pro, follow your running progress with the range of amazing running features and choose your favourite sports from over 130 profiles

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Polar Watches: Sport

Polar Watches: Sport

Whether you're loyal to your favourite sport, or you're eager to train and trial new fitness regimes every day, the range of Sport Polar Watches are for you.

Enjoy your health and fitness, but see how much further you could take it, with a Polar Watch for Fitness.

Explore our favourite Sport Polar Watches over one the right. below.

Polar M430 Watch

Track your activities 24/7, with the Polar M430 Watch, featuring the Polar Heart Rate Monitor.

The Polar M430 Watch features integrated GPS wrist-based heart rate monitoring, making it the perfect Polar Watch for Running, allowing you to track speed, distance and so much more.

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Polar M600 Watch

Powered by Android Wear, the Polar M600 Watch gives users a wrist-based Polar Heart Rate Monitor to track their heart rate 24/7.

With an integrated GPS and activity tracking, the Polar Watch M600 provides users with voice control functions and allows you to read and reply to text messages, scroll through social media feeds and much more.

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Polar Watches: Lifestyle

Polar Watches: Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and play can be tough - but with a lifestyle Polar Watch, it doesn't have to be.

These easy-to-use devices and supportive community Polar Watches can boost your activity levels and help you make fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Polar OH1 Heart Rate Strap

The Polar OH1 Heart Rate Strap is an optical heart-rate monitor armband, giving users the option to use either a Polar Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap, or wrist-based heart device.

This Polar Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap broadcasts your heart rate in real-time to your watch or fitness app via Bluetooth.

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