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Road Angel

Road Angel is on a mission to help make Britain's roads safer by harnessing the latest technology and educating and encouraging motorists to make better driving decisions.

With speeding fines and variable speed limits increasing in regularity across the country, Road Angel uses incredibly powerful technology and data to constantly update its drivers with the latest road speeds and incidents on the road.

Not only do Road Angel products keep drivers informed of the latest speeding limits, road conditions and speed cameras; they are connected to the Road Angel control centre for all the latest speed camera van locations.

With education at the heart of the business, Road Angel is dedicated to creating ground-breaking technology and solutions that enable drivers to improve their quality and efficiency of driving, keeping roads safer, greener and saving motorists' money.

The group’s unrivalled "speed library" is kept updated in real time by a team of dedicated “Road Angels” who are positioned across the country in order to report and record the UK’s ever-changing road conditions, ensuring members are as well-informed as possible.

Never wonder what the speed limit is again, thanks to Road Angel's revolutionary technology - find out more about the Road Angel Pure device below.

The Road Angel Pure

The Road Angel Pure

The Road Angel Pure is Road Angel's most sought-after product.

Speeding fines and variable speed limits are on the rise, so it’s imperative drivers have a clear view of the road ahead - what better way to do so than with the Road Angel Pure?

The super-bright, sunlight readable LCD screen displays the latest traffic information in order to keep drivers safe and alert on speed camera location and road conditions on all journeys and in all weather.

The Road Angel Pure works on GPS Location, with the "Road Angels" providing up-to-date speed camera and speed limit information, depending on where drivers are on the UK network, helping them to adjust their driving to the conditions.

This incredible device also has built-in laser gun protection, which guarantees to identify the speed limit on even the most remote and rural roads, enabling speed adjustment if necessary.

The Road Angel Pure features built-in WIFI for smartphone connectivity on both iOS and Android devices, guaranteeing that the device will work with any smartphone.

Installation is simple, simply connect the device to a smartphone and configure the Road Angel Pure to personal preferences, which are provided to drivers via the built-in SIM card.

Road Angel Pure Subscriptions

The Road Angel Pure gives users a variety of subscriptions to choose from, depending on the level of information you want to receive from the Road Angel database

Once purchasing a Road Angel Pure, simply choose from the following subscriptions to receive traffic and road information whenever required:

  • Live Data Subscription
  • Live Data + Smart Motorway Subscription

Road Angel Pure: Live Data Subscription

The Road Angel Live Data Subscription receives alerts from the Road Angel database, warning drivers not just be cautious but to keep their eyes on the road at all times, enabling them to be more aware of the hazards around them.

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Road Angel Pure: Live Data + Smart Motorway Subscription

As well as Live Data from the Live Data Subscription, this package includes Smart Motorway information to assist drivers when they’re on the motorway.

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