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The cyclists who live and breathe cycling will love SRAM products.

With incremental enhancements, constant improvements and revolutionary innovations, SRAM are making constant advancements that contribute to every component, resulting in overall performance that’s second to none.

There is nothing more gratifying than achieving the ultimate ride, and with SRAM Chains, gears and brake pads, you’ll get nothing short of an incredible riding experience.

SRAM began with the goal of creating the best shifting systems, and, with that, they’ve changed the cycling world forever with the introduction of SRAM Grip Shift - SRAM Gears.

To support brand innovation, SRAM have invested in Sachs Bicycle Company, joined forces with RockShox and created huge excitement across the global cycling community.

SRAM Bottom Brackets and Crank sets have expanded the SRAM line of products, with the brand constantly seeking to deploy technological and engineering advancements.

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SRAM Chains

SRAM Chains

SRAM Chains are top-of-the-line bicycle chains, providing power and strength to riders.

SRAM Chains offer a variety of sizes, speeds and length.

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SRAM Chain 1170

The new SRAM PC-1170 Hollow Pin 11Spd PowerLock Chain (114 Links) Silver, features heavier plates.

This SRAM Chain 11 Speed is manufactured with heavily chamfered outer plates, to improve gear-shifting and quieter running whilst you’re cycling.

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SRAM Chain 10 Speed

The SRAM Chain 10 Speed innovates chains that continue to win races all across the globe.

The new SRAM PC1051 10 Speed 114 Link Chain with PowerLock Silver provides a smooth, precise gear-shifting process, as well as weight savings across your bike.

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SRAM Cassettes

SRAM Cassettes

A SRAM Cassette is the perfect accompaniment to a new SRAM Chain.

Bicycle Cassettes are the cluster of sprockets located on the rear hub of your bike; slotting onto a freehub body, they are held firmly in place with a threaded cassette lock-ring.

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SRAM Cassette: 11 Speed

The SRAM PG-1130 11Spd Cassette 11-32T delivers incredible performance across any bike or discipline.

The SRAM Rival Chainset provides the efficiency and technology cyclists need to meet all challenges and expand their limits, without the worry of whether or not your bike will make it.

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SRAM Cassette: 9 Speed

The SRAM PG-950 9 Speed Cassette is a lightweight addition to your bike.

With race-inspired Powerglide II technology, this SRAM PG-950 9 Speed Cassette provides riders with a fantastic and smooth riding experience.

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SRAM Bottom Brackets: GXP

SRAM Bottom Brackets: GXP

SRAM Bottom Brackets work to connect the SRAM Chainset to your bike, and allows the chainset to rotate freely, allowing you to gain speed.

SRAM Bottom Brackets contain a spindle that the chainset attaches to, and these bearings are what allow the spindle and cranks to rotate.

Discover the range of SRAM Bottom Brackets GXP collection over on the right. below.

SRAM BB GXP Team Cups 83

This SRAM BB GXP Team Cups 83 helps keep your pedals insulated and turning smoothly.

By using equipment that performs well you can focus on riding, and using a SRAM Bottom Bracket will ensure that you can ride for longer.

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SRAM GXP Black Box Bottom Bracket Cups

The SRAM GXP Black Box Bottom Bracket Cups are super high-tech SRAM Bottom Brackets.

These SRAM Bottom Brackets feature GXP and Gutter Seal technology, resulting in your bike getting excellent protection from the outdoor elements.

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