Yuasa Batteries

Yuasa Batteries

Yuasa are the world's leading manufacturers of Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries.

For over 100 years, this multinational brand has been the world’s leading battery supplier, establishing themselves as the first choice for quality, performance and reliability.

Yuasa supply Halfords stores with a wide range of batteries for both cars and motorcycles- check out our range of Yuasa battery products today.

Discover our favourite range of Yuasa Batteries at Halfords today.

Yuasa Car Batteries

Yuasa Car Batteries

Yuasa stock a wide range of car batteries, featuring specialist internal components which lead industry technologies in car power.

Putting those worries of battery failure aside, Yuasa Car Batteries such as the Yuasa Silver 5000 Battery range are reliable, long lasting and deliver superior performance.

These car batteries are built with dependable starting power, corrosion resistance and the highest performance levels to handle the demands of any modern vehicle

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Yuasa Silver 5000 Battery Range

Batteries in the Yuasa Silver 5000 Battery Range are the products of choice for car owners who require peak performance for their pride and joy.

This battery range has a sealed maintenance-free design, offers improved starting performance, and come ready to install for quick and easy use.

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Leisure batteries

Leisure batteries

Yuasa leisure batteries are packed with the latest technology and are specially designed to last longer while providing dependable and stress-free power - plus, all their batteries are NCC Verified so you can be confident that they’re high quality.

L26-AGM Yuasa Active

Ideal for off-grid usage, the L26-AGM’s terminal is designed to be accessible and for easy wiring, making it perfect for use with motor movers.

L36-AGM Yuasa Active

The L36 is the perfect choice for high off-grid usage as it’s specially optimised to handle repeated charging cycles.

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The Yuasa Motorcycle Battery Range

The Yuasa Motorcycle Battery Range

With over 50 years of development in the field of motorbiking, Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries are considered the best in the business.

In fact, all of the world’s top motorcycle manufacturers fit Yuasa batteries as standard on their bikes.

Every battery within the Yuasa Motorcycle range provides reliable, high-performance results, engineered from premium materials to deliver exactly what all riders want - maximum starting power and superior performance for a longer battery life.

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YuMicron CX Motorcycle & Powersport Batteries

Thrill-seekers who find their motorbikes, watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs need a little extra 'oomph' can rely on the YuMicron Yuasa Battery.

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Yuasa High-Performance Maintenance-Free Motorcycle & Powersport Batteries

If you're looking for high power in your next Yuasa Motorcycle Battery, the High Performance Maintenance-Free Batteries are the Yuasa product for you.

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Yuasa Conventional 12 Volt Motorcycle & Powersport Batteries

This Yuasa 12V Conventional Motorcycle & Powersport Battery is the industry standard battery for motorcycles, snowmobiles and ride-on mowers.

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Yuasa are the number one provider for automotive and motorcycle batteries in the UK, and the battery manufacturer's incredible history spans over 100 years.

Founded in 1666, the Yuasa family business was originally created to provide charcoal trading services in Japan. Yuasa Storage Battery Co. Ltd., was established in 1918 as a sub-brand of the company in the nineteenth century as cars became increasingly popular, creating Japan's first automotive batteries for cars.

In 2004 Yuasa merged with another Japanese global battery giant Japan Storage Battery (GS) to form GS Yuasa. Today, the Yuasa brand is part of the GS Yuasa Group which consists of over 65 subsidiaries and 33 affiliates in countries all over the globe.

In the last decade, the brand has created advanced energy solutions, living by their philosophy of “innovation and growth.”

Whilst their main production is for automotive, motorcycle and industrial batteries, GS Yuasa have also been involved in powering some of the world’s most innovative and exciting projects.

From the Shinkai deep sea submarine to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and the International Space Station GS Yuasa is leading the way when it comes to discovering the future of engineering.

Yuasa has a proud and rich history in the world of motorsport; since 2011, the brand has been the title sponsor of Halfords Yuasa Racing in the British Touring Car Championship, as well as a sponsor of HRC Respol Honda and Marc Marquez in MotoGP since 2014.

Yuasa have established themselves as the number one choice worldwide for vehicle batteries.

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