Duty of Care Inspection

Don't leave yourself or your drivers at risk

Halfords Autocentre's 19-point "Duty of Care" inspection includes inspection of the brakes, steering, shock absorbers and wheel cylinders. This fully documented process forms the core of our range of solutions, although we can look to develop a bespoke inspection to your specific needs. With a nationwide network of over 285 centres we are ideally placed to roll-out a local or national programme

Prices are from £30* + VAT per inspection

Why you should conduct a Duty of Care inspection:

  • Extended service intervals mean many vehicles are only inspected once a year
  • A pool car fleet can result in vehicles not being inspected before being passed to a new driver
  • Recent research shows over half of private vehicles used for company business are not fit for purpose
  • Your insurance premiums may reduce if you can demonstrate a proactive approach to risk management
  • By having a Duty of Care process in place you might make financial savings by avoiding unnecessary major repairs in the future
  • Increase employee satisfaction by demonstrating you care even more about their safety

To keep your fleet safe and legal or to discuss a bespoke solution contact fleetenquiries@halfordsautocentres.co.uk

Download our Duty of Care Inspection pdf »

This is our standard inspection, however we would be happy to discuss bespoke arrangements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

*base price for a standard or car derived van with inspection carried out at a Halfords Autocentre.