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Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are a great way to teach your little one how to ride a bike. They're an alternative to stabilisers that teach your child how to balance before they progress to pedalling, making the process much easier.

They come in a few different materials, with the wooden balance bike being the most popular. These are strong and sturdy, but light enough for your child to easily manoeuvre. Also known as a toddler bike or training bike, they are bikes at their most basic, so there's nothing to maintain.

The best balance bike for your up and coming cyclist is one they feel comfortable on. They'll start off by scooting along with their feet, before progressing to running and gliding with their feet off the ground.

Here at Halfords, our range of kids' balance bikes is unbeatable. Even better, if you order your bike online and choose to collect it from your local store, we'll build it for you, for free!