This will always be at the customer's own risk - we generally do not own the car parks and therefore have no control over CCTV / security.

This can only be done for fleet customers - all other customers will need to arrange to get the vehicle to the centre.

If Halfords carries out the remedial work and the retest is within 10 days, the retest is partial and is free. If the work is done elsewhere and the retest is within 10 days, the retest is partial and is £14.99. After 10 days, a full retest will always be required and at full price.

You can have your MOT up to 28 days before your due date and retain the date for next year. Example, if your MOT is due 28th August 2020, you can have this done from 1st August 2020 and your MOT expiry will retain as 28th August 2021.

We offer a free MOT reminder service, click here to find out more

Yes we do. To find out which Autocentres complete Class 7 MOTs, please click on Class 7 MOT, enter your location and the nearest Class 7 Test Centre will show.

An MOT will take between 45 minutes – 1 hour. You are able to leave you car with us and we can give you a call when your vehicle is ready. If you car requires any further repair work, our technician will inform you before carrying out the work. The time taken to complete the additional work will be dependant on what is being completed.

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