20,000 Miles in Two Minutes - a Tyre Safety Game

The average tyre lasts a minimum of twenty thousand miles, during which time you’ll need to keep it sufficiently inflated, checked regularly and perhaps even replace it if something goes considerably wrong.

To test your tyre safety knowledge, we’ve condensed a tyre’s 20,000 mile lifespan into just two minutes. See if you can keep your car running safely for the duration - sounds easy enough, right?

Be sure to check out the controls before playing and you’ll soon get the swing of it!

What’s the big deal with tyre safety?

There’s a lot to consider when trying to look after your tyres properly. Our game is designed to test your knowledge of tyre regulations in the following ways:

Tread depth

There’s a legal limit for tread depth and dipping below this can result in an MOT failure. Even worse, driving with insufficient tread can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and potentially even spin off the road. Learn how to manage tread depth safely.

Tyre pressure

Tyres naturally lose pressure over time, and so knowing the safe limits can not only improve your safety but also make your vehicle more fuel efficient. Learn about tyre pressure.


Potholes and ‘kerbing’ can cause a tyre to bulge. When this happens, the sidewall of the tyre becomes damaged, which can result either in a full on tyre blowout or a wonky, uneven and dangerous ride.

Car tyres can encounter an array of issues, so it’s essential to understand tyre risks and how to check for potential problems to keep yourself and other road users safe.

Did you know that Halfords autocentres offer free tyre checks? Book online and have peace of mind that your car tyres are safe and legal.

Learn how our mobile tyre fitting services can help you

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