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Keeping your dog safe on car journeys

We Brits love our dogs! Especially as over 8.4 million1 of them will be joining in on family holidays this year. However, with over 1.5 million adopting their pup just last year2, this year may be the first time you’ll experience canine car travel on a long journey.

Our survey of 1,000 dog owners saw 79 per cent admit that their dog isn’t always strapped in or harnessed whenever they travel with them in the car, meaning that they are at risk of serious injury in the event of an accident. Almost a fifth (18 per cent) also claim that they usually just sit in the backseat of the car and 1 in 10 dog owners let their dog sit on their own lap or that of a passenger.

'Bark & Ride' Specialists

To make sure you and your pups arrive on holiday safely, we’ve appointed our first 'Bark & Ride' specialist to lead our pet travel expertise. It comes as thousands of colleagues are trained to advise customers on staycations and travelling with dogs.

Armed with expert advice you can trust, our colleagues can help get your car staycation ready - whether that’s helping you find the necessary pet travel accessories, or organising a roof box installation so you can safely travel with your dog and luggage.

Did you know?

Rule 57 of the Highway Code states that dogs must be suitably restrained while inside the vehicle.
Driving with your dog in the car without a suitable restraint can result in a £5,000 fine.
Ony 47 percent of dog owners understand3 how to travel safely with their dog in the car.
Over 1/3 of dog owners do not always strap in or harness4 their pooch on car journeys.
15 per cent of people admitted to travelling with unrestrained dogs sitting in the front or back seat5
Over 52 percent of drivers admitted to reaching toward the back seat to pet their dog while driving.6

Tips for travelling with pets

As well as offering their specialist knowledge in store, Emily, our first ‘Bark & Ride’ specialist has also written a handy how to guide for travelling with pets.

Keep your pet secure

One of the most important things to keep in mind when travelling with your pet in the car is ensuring they are strapped in or secured, whether this be a seatbelt style harness or a comfortable crate or cage.

We’ve got a range of products to help your pet travel safely, including the Tavo Pet Protection System. It includes a car set specially designed for pets that’s also tested to the same safety standards as child car seats. The seat can then be adapted to a stroller, making it a perfect all in one travel solution, keep your pet safe and secure.

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Keep your car cool and comfortable

Long journeys can be stressful for pets, which is why keeping the car comfortable should be a key consideration for pet friendly car travel. Dogs need fresh air and a cool environment, so making sure that the air conditioning in the car is in top shape is a must ahead of any trip. Halfords offers an Air Con Diagnostic check at most UK stores and garages.

Create more room with a roofbox

Many pet owners worry that their dog will be uncomfortable during long journeys, and that a packed car will make it difficult to create a safe and happy environment for your pooch. If you’re tight on space due to passengers, luggage and your pet, installing a roof box can be a great idea to free up some space in the backseat or boot. At Halfords, our experts are trained to help you pick the best box for your needs and can even help you fit it ahead of your journey!

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